About Us

I started my activity in 2006 and in the last years I distinguished myself for the high quality of my products. Every mini is the result of a accurate work, starting from the project on the paper up to the manufacturing of every single piece. The result of this work are dozens of great fantasy football teams you can admire in this site. My works range from prototypes, sculpting and 3D printing, from dice to printing Mats. While my miniatures are made in metal and resin

My main focus is everything about Fantasy Football game

but I’m specialized in the following


Printing metal and resin cast miniatures for third parties and creation of miniatures for special events in limited edition.

Customized game items

We can produce the following customized items:
game dice,
gaming tokens.

Customized game stuffs

We have the possibility to customized and print:
gaming mats and
scenic game elements

Other services

We have the possibility to make 3d and 2d prototyping modeling and laser cut